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Back to School 2018-2019

Week of August 24th 2018

August at CDS:

ART with Mrs. Schloss

Students were introduced to the art studio and eagerly participated in a few icebreaker activities to help familiarize themselves with rules and expectations. They took a scavenger hunt throughout the studio to help locate the book center, architect wall, supplies, aprons, art centers, easels, and much more! They also introduced themselves to the art studio color bears and they shared their favorite color while participating in a few color centered activities. They enjoyed being read Beautiful Oops! after I assured them that in art there are no mistakes, just opportunities. They were very proud of the fact that they also learned how to keep a marker happy! All students are beginning color theory studies and are creating color wheels. They began with a S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math) experiment by mixing different colors of water after reading What Makes a Rainbow? It’s been a colorful start to the school year!

MUSIC with Mrs. Eily Hallagan

I’m so happy to return to my kiddos at CDS after many years teaching high school music- it is such fun to get to know your little musicians! Students were exposed to all the different string instruments this week, which meant getting to strum guitars, sing with the ukulele and hear the many sound effects and melodies of the violin. Using “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” we focused on the different sounds animals make, and even used our imaginations to create animals of our own with some very silly sounds! We had a great time dancing our wiggles out to songs like “Can’t Sit Still” and “Wiggle, Giggle and Shake” and talked about times when it’s okay to use free movement and times when it’s important to sit still. It’s a fabulous musical start to the year!

SPANISH with Senora Bertha Alvarez

¡Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!

All the students started these two weeks by greeting el amigo Mono saying Buenos días or Buenas tardes. They reviewed the numbers while playing tira la bola (throw the ball in the bucket. They played gira la rueda while practicing the colors rojo, azul, verde, amarillo, morado y anaranjado. Also they were following commands such as siéntate, párate, ven aquí, pon atención etc. (sit down, stand up, come here, pay attention etc.) Beginners greeted Mono saying Hola Mono. They counted from 1 to 5, and they were introduced to the colors rojo azul, verde y amarillo. Intermediates counted from 1 to 10. They also greeted Sra. Bertha and Mono saying Buenos días and played salta los colores game (jump on the colors). Pre-K, Pre-K2 and Kindergarten introduced themselves by asking Cómo te llamas?, and responding me llamo.., and mucho gusto (What is your name? My name is… and Nice to meet you!) Also they reviewed the numbers from 1 to 20, and the colors.

Hasta la Vista

TECHNOLOGY with Mr. Anthony

Students learned about the basics of computers such as using the mouse, keyboard, monitor and server. Students practiced moving the mouse on screen to use the left click to make selections. Kindergarten students established their amazing typing skills by practicing how to recognize the home row and using proper finger placement. I am excited to help them develop their technology skills!

P.E. with Mr. Anthony

In the first week back to school students played soccer! They practiced big kicks and putting one foot on the ball for ball control. Students also dribbled up with the ball to kick a goal and rotated as the goalie to block the goals. This week students got to swim in the pool! Students had a blast cooling off while learning about pool safety and doing leg kicks. Students also played “What time is it Mr. Shark?”. One student is the shark and the rest call out, “What time is it Mr. Shark?”. The shark replies with a time and the students get to swim that many seconds toward the shark. When the shark replies with, “lunch time” the students quickly swim away and if they get touched by the shark they become sharks for the next round.

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