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September 2017




ART with Mrs. Schloss

Students were introduced to the art studio and eagerly participated in a few icebreaker activities to help familiarize themselves with rules and expectations. They took a scavenger hunt throughout the studio to help locate the behavior chart, book center, architect wall, supplies, aprons, art centers, easels and much more! All students created a puzzle piece for the We Are All Part of the Solution wall. Students who had art class on Solar Eclipse Day worked on a S.T.E.A.M. project using watercolors to create an eclipse. All students are beginning color theory studies and are creating color wheels. It has been a great start to the school year!

MUSIC with Ms. Khalil

Welcome back! During the last two weeks of music, we had fun going over the rules and routines for our classroom. The preschool and elementary students enjoyed learning different vocal and body warm ups that will be used to start off each class. Preschool students loved singing familiar nursery rhymes and the elementary students enjoyed learning Back in School Again. In the second week of school, the students began their lesson on Community Helpers. They learned many new songs that explored all the different heroes in our community. They sang songs about doctors, dentists, teachers, police officers, firefighters, postal workers, chefs, etc. First and Second grader performed a Readers Theatre that featured different community helpers. I am excited to watch all my students grow into wonderful performers throughout the year. They will be able showcase their music skills at future performances. Stay tuned!

SPANISH with Senora Alvarez

All the students were excited greeting Mono (the monkey) while saying, hola“. They also practiced the word presente” (here), when Sra. Bertha called their names. They sang the song Como te llamas? (What is your name?), and each student answered their names saying “me llamo….” (my name is…). Students practiced the numbers and colors. Kindergarten, First and Second Graders pretended to meet each other for the first time at the “parque, playa o zoológico” (park, beach or zoo) and having a conversation saying “mucho gusto” (nice to meet you) and talking about the weather, “Hace calor” (it is hot), “No hace frío” (it is not cold), and “Adios”.

TECHNOLOGY with Mr. Anthony

Students learned about the basics of computers such as using the mouse, keyboard, monitor and server. Students practiced moving the mouse on screen to use the left click to make selections. Elementary students established their amazing typing skills by practicing how to recognize the home row and using proper finger placement. I am excited to help them develop their technology skills!

P.E. with Mr. Anthony

In the first week back in school students played soccer, kicking the ball between the goals and rotating as the goalie to block the goals. Intermediates also played kickball learning how to kick the ball and run the bases with first and second graders playing in a game. This week students got to swim in the pool! Students had a blast cooling off while learning about pool safety and doing leg kicks.

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