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December 2017

This Week at CDS:

ART with Mrs. Schloss

This was a week filled with winter activity centers! The students learned how to make paper chains. They picked their favorite colors, created patterns, made them for friends, made them for family, joined them together to make long chains, made short chains…you name it, they did it! They also could design their own cards, make trading cards, create ornaments or draw winter scenes at the easels. The toddlers also had a special day in the art studio with their moms, dads and grandparents. They created a winter watercolor scene and stamped snowflake stencils! A mess…I mean good time…was had by all! Wishing all of you a colorful holiday filled with love, happiness and peace.

MUSIC with Ms. Khalil

Music this week was filled with fun holiday games and songs! We sang and danced to “North Pole Party Freeze”, “10 Little Elves on the Shelf”, “Grizzly Bear, Oh, Grizzly Bear” and “Doggie Doggie”. We also played Holiday Bingo and worked in teams. Elementary students also loved playing Trivia/Name That Tune. In January, we are excited to start exploring different instruments. Some of the instruments they will learn to play are the piano, boomwhackers, xylophone and handbells. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys time with family and friends. Happy Holidays!

SPANISH with Senora Alvarez

This week beginners and intermediates chose and named a color of their preference, and then they drew a shape on the board while singing el cuadrado and círculosong. Pre-K and kindergarten reviewed los sentidos (the senses); yo veo, yo huelo, yo oigo and added yo pruebo (I see, I smell, I hear and I taste). They had a lot of fun smelling some aromas and tasting limón, manzana and chocolate. First and second graders practiced pronunciation and the sounds of the syllables while singing a holiday song Mi Burrito Sabanero ( My little donkey). Felices Fiestas!

TECHNOLOGY with Mr. Anthony

Intermediates practiced sounding out words starting with the letters S and W and they created a digital gingerbread person picking out triangles, circles, rectangles, and squares to create the eyes, nose, mouth, and buttons. Pre-K and up created a holiday message using letters on digital magnets. They practiced spelling out their names and writing a greeting to their family that they can take home and put on the refrigerator. Happy holidays to all!

P.E. with Mr. Anthony

In P.E. this week students used beach balls to roll and kick, toss up and catch, and pass back forth with a partner. Students also emphasized walking on tip toes, jumping jacks, and standing on one foot. They got to use their legs on a four wheel scooter to try and make it across the sport court stopping on red and going on green. Kindergarten, first and second grade practiced bounce passing with a basketball and shooting hoops with the beach balls. Wishing a wonderful holiday for your families!

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