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November/December News

From the Principal:

The Parent/Teacher Conferences for elementary were well attended this past quarter. Parents and classroom teachers met recently to discuss their child’s grades and collaborate by setting each student’s individualized annual goals. The goals address appropriate expectations which support your child in ways that he or she learns best. It is consistently monitored throughout the year. This Personalized Learning Plan allows students to take responsibility for their own education by working with their teacher and parents.

Our CDS Mathletes completed at Rincon High School in Tucson on November 14th , at the Third Annual Southern Arizona Elementary School Math Championships for third through sixth graders. This event provided opportunities for students to have fun and show off their math skills. There were five different tests in which students competed: The Number Sense Round consisted of 80 problems to be done mentally in 10 minutes, The Sprint Round which consisted of 30 questions in 40 minutes (no calculators), The Target Round which consisted of 4 sets of two questions – six minutes for each pair (calculators allowed), The Team Round where four team members worked together to solve 10 problems in 20 minutes (calculators allowed), and the Countdown Round where everyone competed against each other in an elimination contest. This contest also acted as a qualifier for the State Competition in April, which will again be hosted at Rincon. There will also be a National Competition in June for those students who qualify at the state level.

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